Friday, September 25, 2009


This is me @ 16 weeks.

This is me at 22 weeks. We were getting ready to leave for the Auburn vs. West Virginia game.

Mackenzie Lynn Cotton at 18 weeks

Here are the US pics we got at 18 weeks. This is her with her little sweet legs crossed at the ankles. She was trying to hide her little parts, but we found them. We were so excited she was a GIRL, even Brad. I can't even believe she is growing inside of me. I feel her all the time now that I am almost 23 weeks. Everyone loves feeling her move around. She is very shy around her daddy (he says it's because he has a calming hand), but he's felt her kick really hard once!I went to the doctor Wednesday for my 22 week check-up. I was hoping I would get to see her again, but they just listened with a doppler. Her heartrate was 150. I saw a different doctor today, and that was fine because I had seen him before when my doctor was out before the pregnancy.

This is a shot of her sweet, little foot.

This is a profile shot of her sucking her thumb.

And, this is her profile.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Skeeter's Wedding

Stefanie (AKA- skeeter) was married saturday, August 22. This is a pic of us, me being 18 weeks pregnant. I was NOT pregnant when I ordered the dress in February, so I ordered the dress as I normally would, not accounting for the baby weight I would be gaining in months to come. So, when it came to the big day for skeeter, I made it in the dress, but it was like "fat guy in a little coat" so to speak. The wedding was beautiful, and I'm so glad I got to be apart of it. CONGRATS...

This is me, Skeeter, and my sister, Lindsey