Thursday, December 3, 2009

Her room is starting to come together!

I got her name letters as a baby shower gift from 3 of my dear friends and co-workers, Paris, Mandy, and Deanna. Brad and I decided to tackle hanging them a few weeks ago. It was fairly easy until the spacing got off between the letters. We made some adjustments (no new holes in the wall to my delight), and it looked great! There was only 1 true "mess up" and you can't even see it. Anyone that knows me knows how I am about my house, walls, etc...I am told that I am going to have to get over it after baby girl comes. I'm sure that I'll make the adjustment just fine!

Here are the letters along with the bedding. I think it matches perfectly!

Mackenzie at 30 weeks in 4D

Brad and I decided to get the 4D US. I just couldn't wait to see her little face. People that have seen the pics and DVD say that she has my nose and Brad's lips, but as soon as Brad saw her he said, "Jenn, she looks just like you!" I thought so too, but am seeing more of Brad's features too.

Here she is yawning. I love this and think it is so sweet. We thought we were going to have a hard time seeing her because she wouldn't stop putting her hands in her mouth or on her face. She moved her hands just a bit down, and the tech was able to get this shot.

In this picure you can see her features better. Her little eyes, nose, and lips are too sweet. She's going to have healthy, chunky little cheeks! Brad and I really enjoyed this!

Baby Shower Goodies: November 15, 2009

My baby shower was November 15, 2009. It was, of course, a ladybug theme. This is the cake that my dear friend and co-worker Kara, and her sister-in-law Bre made for me. It was truly a sight and tasted good too. These girls are very talented, and go above and beyond. Thanks so much for making this day so special, and for making me this beautiful, tasty cake that I didn't want to cut and mess up.

These are the cupcakes they made for the kiddos at the shower to eat. Can you believe the time they put in on just the cupcakes. Thanks again, so much Kara and Bre!

This is the diaper cake that I assisted Kara in making. She actualluy did most of the work. I just handed her the stuff.

This is the corsage that my other dear friend and talented co-woorker Nicole made. It is made of baby socks, and of course, has lady bugs on it! I just love this! Thanks so much Nicole!

This is her baby book. We covered it and made it match her bedding and colors in her room.

There are many baby shower photos thanks to Mandy Davis's phtography skills, and Kara's camera. They will come as soon as I get them!

28 1/2 weeks

So, it's been awhile. The only recent belly pic that I have is this 28 1/2 week pic Brad took, and it's really not that recent because I am currently 32 weeks, so we really need an updatesd belly shot. My belly has grown a great deal in 4 weeks.