Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've been TAGGED!

So, I've been tagged by Jamie (Wheless) Carnes & Kara Reid. The object is to pick the 4th album where you store your pictures on the computer, and pick the 4th picture in the album and explain it, and also you tag 4 more people to share their pictures. So, here is mine. This is a picture of the Gardendale Police Department's 1st Annual Charity basketball team. The team was put together in 2007. The police dept. played the fire dept, streets and sanitations dept, and parks and recs dept. for charity. The police dept won the tournament, but Brad had to cut the tournament short. He went out in the second half of the championship game with a torn ACL & MCL. It was not a good day for The Cotton's but for the Police Dept. it was a victory. I am tagging Nicole Stoddard, Nikki Runnells, Mandy Davis, and Jennifer Spahn.