Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Gatlinburg!

Here are more pictures of brad and me at ober gatlinburg. the mountains and snow were beautiful! in this picture we are on top of mount harris at ober gatlinburg.
this is another picture of us on the mountain!

This is us on the ski lift going up to mount harris. i was super scared because: 1. i had on shoes that were slides and i was afraid of losing them. 2. the lift we sat on was lop-sided because brad and my weights are so different, i was up in the air! it was so scary, but i had fun and going down the mountain was much easier than gonig up.

Gatlinburg 2008

We went to gatlinburg last weekend with some of our police friends. the is a picture of the boys in the hottub after a long night.

This is me and brad getting ready for a long day at ober gatlingburg. that place was amazing. we shopped, watched the ice skaters, and rode the tram and ski-lift all at one place.

This is Pauline Cotten, me, and leslie billings watching the boys play pool

This is a group pic of all the police guys: (from left to right)- cornbread, hannah, chris, don, and brad

This is our beautiful 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 3 level cabin for the weekend. thanks leslie for finding this for us! we couldn't of asked for a nicer place to stay!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jeff Hannah's Birthday Dinner and Movie

This is Jeff Hannah, Daniel Billings (CORNBREAD), and Brad at P.F. Chang's for Jeff's Birthday. We ate dinner and went to see SAW V at the movies. It is Jeff's favorite series of scary movies, so we decided to all go see it.

This is Brad and me at P.F. Chang's.

This is the Billings (Leslie and Cornbread), Jeff, Pauline and Chris Cotten, and the other set of Cotton's (me and Brad) outside P.F. Chang's before we went to the movies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Playstation 3

This is Brad playing Playstation 3. He is playing call
of duty 4, talking to someone in Colorado Springs. This is what he does at night while I get motion sickness on the couch next to him. he and his friend clint play 2 or so games, then switch and let the other one play. this is an all night, on going thing. i never thought that he would be so into this, but i was wrong. he could play this all night.

New Job

Well, today was my first day on the new job! It was pretty good, I was just trying to get my desk situated. I am not all about change, so the whole desk thing just made me nervous. I've never had my own desk. Anyways, this was the cake that Mandy Hartline made me on my last week on 4West. it was wonderful. The party that they threw me was great. Thanks Lainerz for heading it up (as usual- resident party planning girl!) Again, thanks to everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have figured it out!

I finally can do the blog thing!! (thanks to mandy davis).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is us with Cory and April Elliott in Destin, Florida in 2006. We are at Maguires pub. It is such a cool place. They have money all over the ceiling, and the food was great!


I was a bridesmaid in my friend Brooke Jernigan Lawson's wedding in February 2007. I really like this picture of Brad and me.

The boys acting up

This is Brad, Jeremy, and Jeff acting crazy at the Phoenix in Gulf Shores (police friends beach trip 2007). Brad and Jeremy have mohawks! (crazy huh?)

This is me and bradley posing in the water!! we both need a suntan!


Brad and Brandon what more to say! Auburn vs. LSU ! Had alot of fun before but not afterwards :( !

Auburn vs LSU 2008

This is me and Paris at the Auburn vs. LSU game. She is a dear co-worker and friend. This was Paris's husband Jason's first Auburn game (he is a huge fan). Auburn wasn't able to pull it out, but we all had a great time. WAR EAGLE!!! (Hope you had fun Paris and Jason)

This is Josh (Moose) and Kristin Autry. They are really good friends of ours from Pleasant Grove. It is great when we all can get together and tailgate. We always put up the tent and cook when a big group can all go. We had a great time.

Police friends beach trip 2008

This is at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores. We went with the Hannahs for Cornbread and Leslie's wedding. Brad's dad and step-mom were also down there and we ate dinner with them. They were feeding police and firemen for free the night we went. That was so very nice of the people at the Oyster House. In my opinion it is the best restaurant in Gulf Shores! We had such a good time and Congrats to the Billings!

4 WEST girls!

This is a picture of the 4 west girls! I know that some of us are leaving, but the wild west will always be our "home" and we'll always be the best of friends! I LOVE MY 4 WEST GIRLS! By the way this is a group shot at Corndog's (Courtney Allinder Trapp) wedding.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New at This blogging thing

Hey! This is our first post. Brad is the one who knows how to navigate and work the computer, so he'll be the one blogging most of the time. Anyways, we will try to get better!!!