Monday, March 23, 2009

My 26th and Comans 30th Birthday Party!

My birthday was March 19th and Comans's birthday was March 21, so we had a birthday party together at the Fox and the Hound for dinner, and went bowling on 280 after. We had so much fun! Thanks so much to my wonderful husband Brad, and my dear friend Brandy Comans (Comans wife) for planning such a perfect party for us. I did not get an entire group shot or pictures from bowling, so I will have to get pictures from people later. This is a picture of my mom, my dad, and my sister, and me at the Fox and the Hound. I am so glad they got to come! Love you all so much!

This is a picture of the cake. The picture on the cake was at the 2008 beach trip for Leslie and Cornbread's wedding. This was not one of our finer moments. Thanks so much for reminding us!

This is a picture of Brad and me with my sister Lindsey and Tyler (her boyfriend).

This is a pic of the birthday boy and birthday girl with our wonderful spouses! Brad and I have had so much fun knowing Brandy and Comans, and I am so glad that we were able to have this special night together with family and friends. Brad and Brandy's Birthday are also close together (May), so Comans and I are going to have to put our thinking caps on and try to beat this party that Brad and Brandy were able to pull off! We better start now if we are going to even compete.

This is a picture of Comans and me blowing out our birthday candles! It was a great night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Fun!

Shelby loved the snow Sunday morning! She loved rolling in it, eating it, and running through it. If you know me, you know how bad this stressed me out. Shelby stays in the house, so she needed a massive cleaning when she got done playing.

I love this picture of her!

This is her rolling in the grass. She loved it!

This is a picture of the house. I thought it was so pretty covered with snow.