Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Gatlinburg!

Here are more pictures of brad and me at ober gatlinburg. the mountains and snow were beautiful! in this picture we are on top of mount harris at ober gatlinburg.
this is another picture of us on the mountain!

This is us on the ski lift going up to mount harris. i was super scared because: 1. i had on shoes that were slides and i was afraid of losing them. 2. the lift we sat on was lop-sided because brad and my weights are so different, i was up in the air! it was so scary, but i had fun and going down the mountain was much easier than gonig up.

Gatlinburg 2008

We went to gatlinburg last weekend with some of our police friends. the is a picture of the boys in the hottub after a long night.

This is me and brad getting ready for a long day at ober gatlingburg. that place was amazing. we shopped, watched the ice skaters, and rode the tram and ski-lift all at one place.

This is Pauline Cotten, me, and leslie billings watching the boys play pool

This is a group pic of all the police guys: (from left to right)- cornbread, hannah, chris, don, and brad

This is our beautiful 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 3 level cabin for the weekend. thanks leslie for finding this for us! we couldn't of asked for a nicer place to stay!